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BP America @BP_America
RT @BP_Press: ICYMI Sign up for #BP #2Q results webcast $BP
BP America @BP_America
The main deck area on BP's Na Kika platform is two times the size of the Roman Colosseum.
RT @NS_Energy: Energy Min. Younger and Deep Panuke Sen. Mgr. Tom Lawlor during Friday’s tour of @encana ’s #offshore #naturalgas rig http:/…
BP America @BP_America
BP employees were excited to share #STEM career info during BP STEM Summer Institute at Xavier U of LA @XULAindex
BP America @BP_America
Long-awaited BP Heron Center for Environmental Education opening this weekend in Birch Bay State Park via @BhamHerald
BP America @BP_America
#Job demand in Gulf to be met w/ new partnership motivated by BP, @FletcherCollege & LA agreement via @NOLAnews
BP America @BP_America
We hosted several cancer survivors including @RepMaryThrone in support of cancer awareness day at #CFDRodeo.
Don’t forget to pack these oil & gas products on your summer trip! #Oil #Gas #Energy #Summer #Trip #Vacation #Fun
BP America @BP_America
RT @LMOGA: Growing job demand in Gulf of Mexico to be met with new partnership between LMOGA, LED, Louisiana colleges
BP America @BP_America
BP's Mad Dog platform operates at a water depth that's seven times the height of the Seattle Space Needle.
Chesapeake Energy @Chesapeake
Innovation in the field continues as Chesapeake uses alternative fuels to power savings.
BP America @BP_America
RT @BhamHerald: Long-awaited center at Birch Bay State Park to open
BP America @BP_America
Proud to support the City of Whiting & its upcoming #Pierogi Fest. Will you be joining us?
CONSOL Energy, Inc. @CONSOL_Energy
The U.S. has 2,718 trillion cubic feet of accessible natural gas, enough to meet America’s diverse energy needs for more than 100 years.
EnergyUpdate @EnergyUpdate
7/24/2014 Nymex Settlement - NG = $3.847, CL = $102.07, HO = $2.8709, RBOB = $2.8366
BP America @BP_America
Great hosting #Veterans at @CheFrontierDays and seeing the @AFThunderbirds perform. #CheyenneFrontierDays
BP America @BP_America
RT @MorrellGeoff: A FL US Attorney announces 4 convicted of filing fraudulent #Gulf claims sentenced to a total of 90 months in prison http…
EnergyUpdate @EnergyUpdate
EIA Nat Gas Storage 7/24/2014 release, +90 to 2,219 Bcf total. East +56 to 1,100, West +11 to 369, Producing +23 to 750
CONSOL Energy, Inc. @CONSOL_Energy
3 million American jobs are supported by the natural gas industry in all 50 states #NaturalGasFacts
BP America @BP_America
RT @BP_Press: Alan Boeckmann to join #BP board as a non-executive director


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